Single Loop Infinity Scarf

1) 1/4 yard lace 2) 1/4 yard silk/satin or any stretchy fabric 3) measuring tape 4) pins 5) matching thread for both fabrics 6) scissors



Decide what the size of your scarf will be. Mine measured 11×45.


Cut those measurement of both the lace and back round fabric.


Pin the lace and back round fabric together. When you pin them together, make sure the silky side of the back round fabric is facing down. You will be pinning wrong sides together.


Sew these two pieces together. Almost done!


Trim both sides after sewing down both sides.


Now take both sides of the lace, and pin. Be sure the scarf it’s twisted.


Now take both back round sides and pin. Make sure the scarf is still inside out. Leave a 3 or 4 inch gap to turn it right side out.


After turning it right side out, hand stitch or secret stitch the opening. I switched out my thread at this point to match my back round fabric.



And you’re done! It’s super simple and so cute 🙂


DIY Christmas Ornament

Hey everyone! This is my first tutorial of many and I’m so excited to be starting a blog where I can share all of my ideas to you instead of just pinning pins on pinterest. This first tutorial is going to be a diy christmas ornament. The one I made is for a “first Christmas” but you can use it for anything! I hope you guys like it 🙂

You’ll need 1) A glass or plastic clear ornament 2) Micro-fine Glitter 3) Larger glitter (for snow) 4) Crayon or sharpie 5) two paint brushes 6) Cotton ball 7) Rubbing alcohol [if you’re using a sharpie] 8) Mod podge and/or school glue 9) colored paper 10) small decorations to place inside the ornament 11) colored ribbon (not shown in the picture)

Start by removing the top of the ornament. Set it aside. Taking either a sharpie or a crayon and start tracing the letters you want to write. If you make a mistake take your cotton ball, wipe it off and start over. If you’re using a sharpie use the rubbing alcohol if you make a mistake.

Once you’ve finished the tracing, take your glue or mod podge and one of the paint brushes. Trace the line you made previously with the glue doing 2 or 3 letters at a time.

After painting glue onto 2 or 3 letters, take your micro-fine glitter and pour it onto your letters. Allow your glitter to set for at least 5 seconds before dusting it off.

Once you’ve allowed the glitter to set, take your second paint brush to dust off the extra glitter.

After you’ve done all your letters you will have something like this. After letting the glue dry for a few minutes place another thin layer of the glue or mod podge over the glitter so it wont shed over time.

If you want to place hearts inside your ornaments then keep reading. Other wise, skip down to the last steps. Taking your paper, fold it in half. It doesn’t what direction it’s folded, but lengthwise (making it thinner) is most efficient. With your scissors cut a half heart shape. Basically what you see in the picture above.

And you should then have a heart.

Gather whatever you have chosen to put inside. I chose mini jingle bells, hearts and glitter, as snow. This is where you can get really creative. If it’s for a baby’s first Christmas  you could do things that have been significant in the past year. It’s totally up to you so get creative with it. Place all the decorations inside the ornament.

Place the top back on (I glued mine in place with hot glue just in case it ever popped off). Add some pretty ribbon and you’re all done! If you decide to make one send me a picture 🙂 I’d love to see it!